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17 February 2009

Money Grows On Board Games

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On BBC Sport yesterday:

21 December 2008

Severe Global Recession In 2009?

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So what’s new?

The people and institutions that led the world to this are still largely in place or untouched.

8 December 2008

The Worst Is Yet To Come?

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From the American government:

A new congressionally mandated report says the threat from a terrorist attack involving a biological, nuclear or other unconventional weapon is quite real and could happen within the next five years.

A report commissioned by the Nuclear Threat Initiative finds that “the world still faces a “very real” risk that terrorists could get a nuclear bomb. The Obama Administration must make reducing that risk a top priority of U.S. security policy and diplomacy, according to the report, which is accompanied by a paper offering a specific agenda for the presidential transition and the opening weeks of the new administration.”

A bit like shutting the stable door after the horses have bolted?

And from the Press Trust Of India:

Warning that terrorists are “likely” to use nuclear or biological weapons in the next five years if urgent action is not taken, an official US commission has said Pakistan is the weakest link in world security.

14 November 2008

Bretton Woods II?

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“A deep-seated global crisis is often a chance to redraw the map, reflecting shifts in the balance of power in different ways.”

Unfortunately, self-interest will prevail, until people and nations are forced to reach a realistic compromise by the horrors of war.

That was how it was the first time around.