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14 July 2018

Divided We Fall

The use of the term “colonised” in the following video (at 2:42 to 2:55) struck me as very odd:


2 September 2008

The British Nations

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Actually, in a legal sense, England, Wales and Scotland are nations… but they are not States, which is the proper term for an Sovereign entity. ….

The distinction drawn between a nation and a state is correct in accordance with a technical modern usage, although the technical distinction hasn’t always existed, and a nation can be a state, while a state can be nation.

Chick Young certainly considers Scotland a nation.

I suppose another way to draw the distinctions is as follows:

  • A society is a significant group of people living within a certain geographical area with a significant degree of common values, culture or traditions.
  • A nation is a society or groups of neighbouring societies that identity themselves as separate from other societies or nations.
  • state is one or more nations within a geographical region bound together by a political or legal system.

(As first posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)