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22 June 2009

The Cost Of Sports

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How the F1 split might affect Singapore.


1 June 2009

The Financial Crisis – Who Is To Blame?

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Who is to blame for the current financial crisis?  The technical language of economists and academics doesn’t really answer the question.


17 February 2009

Money Grows On Board Games

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On BBC Sport yesterday:

30 December 2008

Good To Know ….

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From the Times, 29 December 2008:

21 December 2008

Severe Global Recession In 2009?

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So what’s new?

The people and institutions that led the world to this are still largely in place or untouched.

14 November 2008

Bretton Woods II?

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“A deep-seated global crisis is often a chance to redraw the map, reflecting shifts in the balance of power in different ways.”

Unfortunately, self-interest will prevail, until people and nations are forced to reach a realistic compromise by the horrors of war.

That was how it was the first time around.

21 July 2008


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I have come across the following situation on more than one occasion: