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22 September 2018


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From here:

“Interestingly, two minor roads, Lorong Tanggam and Lorong Samak, located on the opposite side of the main road of Jalan Kayu were given Tamil names, where Tanggam (Thanggam) means gold in Tamil.”

Tanggam means mortise in Indonesian, part of a woodwork joint –

A road named after a type of woodwork off a road named after wood would make sense. Also, according to your article, a lot of names around the area have Indonesian origins, for example:

“Tari Piring – Known as “Plate or Saucer Dance” in Indonesian, it is one of the most enchanting traditional dances of Indonesia, originated from a place called Solok, West Sumatra.
Tari Lilin – It is the “Candle Dance”, and was traditional dance of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra.
Tari Payong – Known as “Umbrella Dance” in Indonesian.
Tari Dulang – Dulang is an exploration of movement that is taken from the vocabulary of Tari Piring, the “Saucer Dance”.
Tari Zapin – The “Zapin” dance was probably introduced to Malaya and Sumatra around the early fifteenth century by Arab traders and missionaries during the spread of Islam.
Tari Serimpi – A traditional Indonesian dance of 4 dancers in the late nineteen century, served as entertainment during the negotiation with the Dutch colonial government.”

It is harder to explain the use of a Tamil word. What does Samak mean in Tamil?

In Indonesian, “samak” means “tan”, “a yellowish-brown colour”, which could be a type of paint or varnish used in woodwork. Again, we can find a connection to wood and woodwork.

I think this would make an interesting discussion.

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