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14 July 2018

Divided We Fall

The use of the term “colonised” in the following video (at 2:42 to 2:55) struck me as very odd:

I thought about it some, and then added the following comment:

Colonised”? “Taken over”, “hijacked”, “commandeered” even, other words to choose from but “colonised”?

For people who themselves are fussy about the correct term being used to describe themselves, the use of “colonised” is unfortunate. The use of the term trivialises the true horrors of colonialism, and how its long-term consequences continue to affect the majority of the human race.

Both the left and the right in America are populated by hypocrites. The main difference is that the right embraces its hypocrisy and uses it to unite and strengthen the base. The left in-fight over its hypocrisy, leaving it divided and weakened.

The left of course claims to have principles, a concept the right has abandoned in its attempt to grab absolute power. If the left doesn’t wake up to this reality, it will lose everything.

I’ll add to this theme in time.

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