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9 January 2009

Summing Up My Belief System

Filed under: Metaphysics,Personal,Religion,Spirituality — rajiv @ 9:05 pm

I identify with several Hindu/pantheistic themes:

  • “God” is a universal consciousness – infinite and eternal.
  • An infinite and eternal consciousness can manifest itself in an infinite number of finite forms.
  • “God” permeates everyone and everything.
  • Life, the universe and everything is “God’s” experience of itself.
  • Everything that unfolds has one or more effects, every effect has causes.
  • Causes and effects are usually cyclical in nature.
  • Thoughts and actions are good or bad, right or wrong, depending on whether the totality of their effects are desirable or undesirable.

That about sums it up.  No rules, and no specific action or ritual is required. 🙂


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